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Trilingual Keyboard! (English, 日本語, 한국어)
Monday, February 24, 2014

Now you may be wondering, isn't that just an English keyboard with stickers? Might fool you but look at the layout of the keyboard. :P This keyboard is a Bilingual Japanese/English Keyboard. I ordered stickers for Korean and Japanese here on the same day as I ordered the keyboard. Because of the stickers, the keyboard now has 3 languages: English, Japanese, and Korean. Why would I choose Korean? Because I am learning the Hangul alphabet right now. Why? I got so used to Japanese Kana that I actually got bored of trying to review on it and wanted to learn something new. My friend in college also wants to teach me some Korean since she comes from there :P. Anywho, all of the keys fit perfectly in the QWERTY layout, though the numbers above... eh not so much.

The overall format for the keyboard looks very nice. I love the colour indicators so if I ever have to look down at the keyboard, I can see what language I want to type in. White for US*, Yellow for Japanese Hiragana, Blue for Korean Hangul. The stickers feel very... unnoticeable and seem like they will stick on forever.

I think I am going to enjoy this. :)

By the way: if I learn enough Korean to be fluent in it, I will add it as a language to DERPG along with English, French, and Japanese. That or if someone who knows Korean would want to help. I would appreciate it. :)

Here is what the keyboard looked prior to the stickers:

Clara Nguyễn
Hi! I am a Vietnamese/Italian mix with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from UTK. I have been programming since I was 6 and love to write apps and tools to make people's lives easier. I also love to do photography and media production. Nice to meet you!

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